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Supercell Tests Out Boom Beach In Germany, Finland - Android Community

Clash of Clans Strategy Guide - Tapscape

IMG 1089 1024x576 Clash of Clans Strategy Guide If you are living in Finland or Germany, Boom Beach will already appear in your Google Play Store apps we suggest you get it now if youre running out of time wasters. Boom Beach has a very simple premise, much like Clash of Clans it builds on the historical D-Day events in the shores of France as Allied troops stormed Europe to regain control back from Germany in the Second World War. The animations and characters, although not specifically named as such, are subtly pointing to WWII references. As the primary player, you get to command troops to attack islands of an archipelago by first storming the islands beaches hence the games name. The attacks are short gaming processes, pretty much the same in any tower attack game you will see around. The online multiplayer and social aspect is where the game gets its complexity, just like Clash of Clans. Your player can create your own base on an islands and protect it from attacks. But primarily, you get to attack other players bases this is where you gain in-game resources to buy materials and upgrades.

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boom1 Once the walls are down, flood Giants to take out the mortars, cannons and towers. As soon as the mortars are down, spam Goblins to mop up resourcestorage, mines and collectors. Archers can deal damage while staying out of range of cannon and mortar Simultaneous moved here to your main attack, placearchers peripherally, one at a time, to find positions where you can attack buildings (such as barracks, builders huts, army camps andstorage while staying out of range of the enemys defenses. Removing the outer buildings doesnt just add to your overall damage %, it also creates direct lines of attack to important walled structures, like gold and elixirstorage Archers and Wizards are also very effective for destroying walled defenses, such as cannons and towers that sit on the edge of a base. Remember that not all bases are created equally, with certain defensive arrangements (such as extensive partitioning) much more effective than others. When searching for a base to attack, just keep hitting the next button until you find a base a decent with a decent proportion of undefended, or poorly defended structures. This is important, as when youre playing for trophies you want to either take down the town hall as fast as possible, or get to 50% total damage before your army is wiped out. Clash of Clans Defense Strategy Whether you want to protect your gold and elixir, or prevent someone stealing your trophies, a good defensive strategy is critical in Clash of Clans. The first thing to be mindful of when planning your base is to ensure that you havecentralizedyour town hall and mortars.

Original Article Here: http://www.tapscape.com/clash-of-clans-strategy-guide/

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