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Clash Of Clans Layout Hunted By Town Hall Level | Product Reviews Net

June's Top Games consist of Subway Surfers, TwoDots, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans

We featured some Clash of Clans videos last month that showcased one of the best Town Hall level 8 defense layouts, although this is one from hundreds found in both video reviews and websites built just for users hunting the best Clash of Clans layout. You can see another defense clip below with a Town Hall level 5 Clash of Clans base layout and this has had over 130,000 views on YouTube. Weve also featured a second video with more than 210,000 views, also looking at Town Hall level 5, and this again reveals how popular these strategy videos are with players. Fulfilling the need you can see a collection of videos on this YouTube user page with a different Clash of Clans layout for Town Hall levels 5-7, although a more complete strategy can be found on dedicated websites targeting those who play this mobile game. Clash of Clans Tools is one such website that aims to offer a quick way to find layouts for a certain level or strategy. This page has a couple of drop down menus listing each Townhall level 1 to 10, and then also giving you the option to pick a layout by type like War, Hybrid, Farming, and Trophy. The linked page will show the latest layouts uploaded, so at this time they include Town Hall level 5, 6, 7, and 9 with a range of strategies. Do you play the Clash of Clans game on Android or iOS and if so, how do you like to more info build? You can add us to your circle on Google+ , follow us on Twitter , join the photo community on Pinterest , or like our Facebook page to keep updated on all the latest news.

Original Article Here: http://www.product-reviews.net/2014/06/24/clash-of-clans-layout-hunted-by-town-hall-level/

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know | HEAVY

Clash of Clans Tips The Low Level Trophy Farming Solution The Clash of Clans Help Blogspot page posted this low level trophy farming solution for anyones whos interested: One of the easiest and laziest ways of farming in clash of clans is by lowering your trophies to under 200 and farming with goblins. The match-making system in clash of clans uses your amount of trophies to find an enemy. When a player is still low level they wont have a lot of trophies. This way we can use this match-making system to our benefit by lowering our trophies and getting easy opponents. Of course, the loot will be less, so thats why were going to use less troops as well. Goblins are one of the cheapest troops, and we only need about 20-40 goblins to raid at least 30k gold and elixir from a very badly protected village. As you can see on the picture here, theres 87k gold and 58k elixir available, while theres only a level 1 cannon there to protect it! I only had to use 25 goblins to steal all of his gold and elixir. To lower your trophies its always very basic. Train goblins only and just start looking for battles, but were going to be using a little bug.

Original Article Here: http://heavy.com/games/2013/07/clash-of-clans-top-10-tips-cheats/

Clash of Clans layout hunted Some of these games have been on the top 5 list for quite some time now and it seems like it is going to be quite a hard task for other game developers to knock them down. This week we introduce a new game TwoDots to the top charts, from the developers Dots. Subway Surfers Subway Surfers is a sort of an alternative to Temple Run 2, just like Bunny Shooter is an alternative to Angry Birds. It doesnt matter which one came first or is the original. The fact is, Subway Surfers is also an addictive and fun experience and will kill your time like nothing else. Subway Surfers is becoming just as popular as Temple Run 2 and for good reason. The same principle of game play applies, but the mechanics and setting are slightly different. With tools such as a hoverboard at your disposal, Subway Surfers offers a wide variety of things to do, even if the core elements seem simplistic at first. Again, microtransactions exist, but ultimately, you can find a Subway Surfers free download option on whatever OS you want to play from, and youre not forced in any way to fork out cash. What mobile free games would you recommend?

Original Article Here: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/06/junes-top-games-consist-of-subway-surfers-twodots-candy-crush-saga-and-clash-of-clans/

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